Four Seasons Training


- Gain on-farm practical experience

- Get to know the medicinal plants in their real-life form

- Be able to link medicinal plant qualities with seasons, plant families plus clinical practice

- Experience the plant qualities by practical observations and activities in the field

- Build on your capacity to assist the natural healing force in clinical practice

The course content and structure can be adjusted so that it can be made suitable for a wide range of participants, including: health professionals, primary/secondary school students, consumers....

New course dates for the season 2023/2024 will be announced soon.

You are welcome to register interest in attendance for notification of dates


Medicinal plants

What is phytotherapy; from growing the plant to the production of medicinal plant products and using it for human health.

Organic farming

Organic farming explained, as well as the reason of its importance in the production of plants for medicinal purposes. 

Observation and the senses

Observation and experience form an essential foundation in gaining sustainable knowledge. 

Seasons & Plant qualities and processes

How are the seasons related to medicinal aspects of a plant? And how every plant carries within them different qualities and processes which show us aspects of their medicinal actions.

Qualities and processes per plant

Looking at plants seperately to discuss their qualities and processes and what this says about their medicinal actions. 

Hygienic lifestyle

How is our lifestyle involved in our health and wellbeing, and what are aspects of a lifestyle aimed at developing optimal functioning for the whole of our being?

Plant families

Recognise different plant families by practical observations in the field. Learn about medicinal qualities in relation to the plant families. 

Practical skills

Transforming observational knowledge into practical skills for our daily lives: with the aim of building up our life in an optimal way.